NEW: Stop scams - Identification of false or dishonest profiles Following the recent bad scroll inscriptions, mainly from Senegal and pretending to be from France, USA and other countries We have developed various administrative side helping you identify bad profiles, scammers, liars, ...
Now by visiting the profile of a person you will find at the bottom of the page an administrative showing you the true country of registration of the member and our appreciation above.
Since our goal is to always be honest and help you find the right person for you without giving you the misfortune to be trapped.

Choose the "right person" for a serious relationship

As experts in deciphering online profiles (yes, a simple glance at an online profile and we can tell you what man arrives late, which want to share the bill and what the topic of conversation enthrall woman), let us give you some advice.

1. If you think about it, during a tryst traditional (or go "offline"), there is generally very little information about the person sitting in front of us. The advantage of online dating is that after reviewing the profile of a person, we have a considerable amount of information even before the first head-to-head. Enjoy to sort!

2. Choose "The good person" on the internet, so what? The place or how you met unimportant. The only thing that matters is how you feel things. How many times have you heard "We met on a dating site and we decided we occasionally see, I do not know if I should take it seriously." Such remarks show that it is part the meeting that decides its nature, which, frankly, is quite unfortunate! circumstances are irrelevant here. And if they bother you that much, you can always invent a more romantic story and stick to it who will check?

3. Words are cheap, actions yes. After meeting on line, when it comes time head-to-head, sort 90% of what comes out of the mouth of your time in the "OK, but .. to check" because before him completely trust, always remain vigilant. Smile graciously and accept compliments, but do not let them confuse you too easily and get to know the person who addresses.

4. If the other gives you warning, this time listen carefully! For example, here are some key phrases which you should be wary: "I have the reputation of being a runner, but this is wrong", "I guess I'm the kind of difficult person to live" ... Or "I'm not really a nice guy." People often slip these small signals in the conversation. Simply locate them. Always pay attention to what a person says to herself! It is very revealing!

5. Appearances can be deceiving. Attach yourself first that you feel. An example of this Jewish woman we know who is out with a man (met on!). Good conversation, great food, and even a few laughs. Handsome nothing to spoil (he had a smile actor and a perfect body!). Yet something was missing. He treated her as a "buddy", nothing more. Hence the frustration it.

We attach too much importance to the image that the other returns to us. If it is too old, too small, too dowdy ... we may eliminate it. So despite an appearance shifted, some will disarm you and give you that sense of security that we all seek. Give them the chance to prove it!





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